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While Applied Medical Systems has a proven track record helping practices take control of their billing, coding, and revenue management, outsourcing medical billing services may not be right for you and your practice. Examples of when utilizing a 3rd party for your medical billing may not be the best fit:

  • You’ve already got a billing team you trust.
  • You are a small practice, and the additional monthly cost is too high.
  • You are uncomfortable with things being done off-site.
  • You are curious about outsourcing your billing but are not sure if now is the right time.

If the above factors apply to your practice, outsourcing all of your optometry billing services to a third party may not be ideal. But just because outsourcing isn’t right for you doesn’t mean your internal billing process is effective. There are likely several improvements you could make to increase efficiency and profitability. That’s where our optometry consultation services come in.

Applied Medical Systems can perform a third-party medical billing audit that will put your mind at ease regarding any billing or practice management concerns you may have. We have 50+ years combined experience in almost every area of practice administration, so we have the expertise to provide valuable guidance.

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